polka dots and rainbows: a table design to celebrate summer
July 11, 2014

hello friends!

the sun is out, the beach is calling, the grill is hot and a familiar aroma of coppertone fills the air — it is officially summer!

perhaps it’s due to the colorful array of pool noodles lining the shelves nowadays, but i can’t help but equate these sunnier times with rainbow hues.  and if you’ve read any of my earlier posts, you know that polka dots accompany everything.  everything.

so when it came time to celebrate a whole year of my littlest one bringing all her joy to our family, i knew just how to adorn our table.  take a looksy below for inspiration on creating your own happy space, whether it be for a birthday, backyard bbq or just a cheerful change in decor!

rainbow kids birthday party table setting polka dots


what i used (i tried to put as many links as i could find online below — fyi: there are many spritz items only found in-store).  a big thanks to my mom for the close-up shots!
spritz “happy birthday” felt banner and polka dot tablecloth from target
– my own glassware (trifle bowl, cake plate, pitcher — all very gracious wedding gifts from crate & barrel)
– my own thin glass vase (saved from a “congrats” bouquet when this little one arrived)
– my own yellow tulip cup and saucer (from anthropologie many moons ago)
candle napkins from the warm hearth in julian, ca
– colored, handled mason jars and striped straws from michaels
– red faux-croc frame from tj maxx
lime green plates and yellow plasticware from target
red polka dot melamine plate and spritz gumballs from target
giant rainbow swirl lollipops from the candy depot in hillcrest
yellow gerber daisies from wholesale flowers in linda vista
glitter adhesive letters from oriental trading
– large white frame from michaels
– totally forged “somewhere over the rainbow” print from a pinterest image (word can work miracles, sometimes!)
– rainbow sock monkey (from the old navy cash wrap area about a year ago)

rainbow kids birthday party happy birthday banner spritz target

rainbow kids birthday party tablescape red photo frame mason jars striped straws

rainbow kids birthday party tablescape lollipops

rainbow kids birthday party triful bowl with yellow daisies and green colored water celebrate glitter adhesive letters

rainbow kids birthday party somewhere over the rainbow printable sock monkey


and because everyday for me, is a new photobooth opportunity — i put a spritz polka dot tablecloth to work on our wall, and added some paper lanterns for interest.

confession: i loved it a whole lot.  it might still be up…

rainbow kids party birthday photo booth backdrop polka dot


door darling: the cutest custom wreath you’ll ever make — for less than $25!
June 2, 2014

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

hello friends!

i hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend!

as evidenced by my recent posts and instagrams, i have become a little crazy about seasonal DIYing.  so when the weather took a turn for the warmer (and i realized my door had been “naked” since Christmas!) — i knew the time had come for a playful, “summer’s almost here” dose of door darling.

my mom was in town — which always helps send my creative tendencies into full swing — and we headed to every crafter’s promised land, the glorious treasure trove that is michaels.  i had in my mind a very simple and affordable concept, punched up with some whimsy, and i’m so happy with the piece that resulted!  it’s a super fun way to fling my baylor green and gold, and for less than $25!

what you’ll need:

summer wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

– scotch tape
a floral wreath form (i chose the 14″ green version)
your choice of wired grosgrain ribbon (you’ll need two rolls to cover a 14″ form)
note: i serendipitously stumbled upon my polka dot find, so i encourage you to take the time to roam the ribbon aisle and see what strikes your fancy!
– three (or more, up to you) felt flower clips
these little babies were peeking out of a bin at the end of the silk greenery aisle, and i have a feeling they’re going to end up on my clothes, scarves, office meeting agendas, etc.  they’re so fabulous!

step 1:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

open the first roll of ribbon and attach a piece of scotch tape to the end.  press it firmly to the inside of the wreath form (anywhere on the form is ok).  if you’d like it to be a bit more secure, feel free to add more tape or use a straight pin.

step 2:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

after making the initial attachment, start to wrap the ribbon around the wreath form, covering the tape if you’d like.  i left about a 1/2″ or so between borders, but you are welcome to make them closer or further (note: if you make them closer, you’ll probably need another roll of ribbon).

step 3:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

continue wrapping the ribbon all the way around the form. sometimes it helps to take the actual roll and do a few “pre-loops” that you can tighten as you go.  when you get to the end of the first roll, simply tape the end down and repeat steps 1-3 with second roll.

step 4:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

admire your fully wrapped wreath form!  go you!

step 5:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor


summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

take your first felt flower clip.  press it to open clamps and slide the bottom clamp under one of the ribbon borders, depending on where you’d like flowers to be placed.  tweak placement and angle to your liking.

repeat with other clips.  i chose three, but it’s up to you!

step 6:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

pat yourself on the (creative) back for designing a totally awesome, totally “you” custom wreath!

step 7:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

proudly hang your new creation on the front door — or wherever you’d like it to show it off!