it’s good to be back: (re)visiting the world of postpartum fashion
September 23, 2013

well, friends — it has definitely been awhile.  but i guess that’s what a super busy season at work — plus a new baby! — mean for the little blog.  needless to say, i’m excited to be re-emerging in all aspects of my life…and on what better day to do so than “stylish mom monday”!

and with that said, i now have the privilege of navigating through post-baby style…which can be a challenge. having done this before, i made a personal vow to put more effort into it this time around (with my first, the shell-shock took quite some time to wear off!).  to really just be more functional overall, was more of how the pledge went.

about six months after my first little one arrived, i stumbled upon the most epic of finds at target (where else, right?).  it was a perfect black matte jersey a-line dress…with built-in shapewear.  yes, you read that right — built-in shapewear.  i cannot tell you how many times this dress has been singlehandedly plucked from the closet in a fit of desperation.  its cost per wear has got be down to pennies at this point.

i really feel like dresses of such a caliber deserve a name — let’s call her “sophie.”  sophie’s been a faithful friend throughout these mommy years, so when number 2 was finally here — guess who was back on the scene to help me transition back to work?  again, built-in shapewear, folks — it’s a beautiful thing.

to help her in this latest re-début, i’ve added some fashionable allies, in the way of this chunky statement necklace from francesca’s, opaque gray tights that i’m becoming unhealthily obsessed with, and fancy footwear courtesy of nordstrom rack.

black merona jersey dress with red necklace and heels

red chunky statement necklace from francesca's

red stiletto heels from nordstrom rack

sadly, it appears that this sartorial version of “mommy’s little helper” can no longer be found at target.  but never fear!  i optimistically bring you two fantastic alternates: i’m loving this merona faux wrap dress (especially in the that’s-so-hot-right-now “soho grape” hue), as well as this ponte number from the limited (an establishment somewhat new to san diego, i believe, but a tried-and-true favorite for this texan!).  does the red not scream dolce & gabbana’s fall collection (at a fraction of the price, obvi)?  and both, of course, becoming even more shapely with the help of the assets superior slimmer.

so, thank you for bearing with me — it’s good to be back.  would love to hear how you do “stylish mom monday”!


stylish mom monday: put a fall spin on that summer look
September 3, 2012

today show transition summer looks to fall video Lori lucky mag

happy labor day, everyone! in keeping with the spirit of the holiday at hand, i’ll keep this one short and sweet.

i love being able to catch the today show during the week — takes me back to my days spent gallivanting around the east side. the style segments are always chock full of easily applicable tips and affordable looks, and today (pun intended) was no exception.

from shorts to peplum tops, and the “mullet skirt” to neon pieces, i love these “before and after” ways to style four popular trends. and now i definitely have to pick up the polka dotted chambray blouse i spotted this weekend at old navy. so cute and classic!

click here and enjoy!

stylish mom monday: flirt with florals
August 8, 2012

hello friends!

hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the summer. and for those of you with me in sunny san diego, hang in there with this *awfully sunny* weather! i just know there’s a gracious soul who wants to lend me their beachfront home until it cools off…

i thought for this week’s issue of “stylish mom monday,” we could cover something near and dear to my heart: the almighty flower. for those of you who’ve read elle webb style for some time now know, i think i was supposed to have been given petals for hair. whether by print or as accessories, floral accents seem to make their way into my daily look.

perhaps it’s the romantic in me that is continually drawn to all things floral — daydreaming of cottage life in an english garden, finding wooden gazebos at the end of wildflower-filled meadows…wow, i really did just enter fantasyland for a moment there!

or maybe it’s just that beautiful blooms make me happy. and in a world that can be so heavy, aren’t we all entitled to a little lighthearted apparel? i sure think so.

{you love the roses—so do i.

i wish the sky would rain down roses, as they rain from off the shaken bush.

why will it not? then all the valley would be pink and white and soft to tread on.

they would fall as light as feathers, smelling sweet;

and it would be like sleeping and like waking, all at once!

george eliot, roses}

so, with the words of this fairy tale poem as my inspiration, i proudly present the official stylish mom monday lineup of “floral finds to fully fall for”!

mossimo target floral denim jeans

this first pick actually set this post in motion. i’d been spotting more and more patterned denim in magazines, and very luckily stumbled across this fabulous pair at target one evening during my typical run (read: sanity attempt). i love that they could totally work as a glam neutral, transitioning well into fall.

gray felt floral wristlet amazon

speaking of fall (hard to believe it’s around the corner!), here’s another key piece from amazon that i could see showing up both on a coffee date and fancy night out downtown. and you know how i swoon over gray.

claire's the icing resin flower studs

i might need to talk with someone about this next one. i’m afraid i have developed an unhealthy obsession with these rose-shaped resin studs from claire’s / the icing. give me a few months and i’ll have completed the rainbow! seriously, though, they’re the perfect touch of everyday girly (with the resin finish adding some whimsy).

and try them on a necklace, too, courtesy of francesca’s aptly named “teatime” necklace. can’

while we’re on the accessory front, i must share my most delightful of recent discoveries. ever see the amazing headband on a sweet baby’s head and think, i would love that for…me! enter bitty baby bands. i happened upon this carlsbad-based creator of cuteness via a twitter friend, and haven’t looked back.

bitty baby bands vivienne headband

bitty baby bands vivienne headband packaging

bitty baby bands red dahlia headband

the story behind the company will inspire you, the headbands are affordable and gorgeous — and they fit grownup gals’ heads, too! i just received the vivienne (top photos, including lovely packaging) for a friend’s little lady, am eyeing a gazillion others for my own tot, and have my sights set on the red dahlia (bottom photo) for myself!

what’s your go-to floral approach? as you can well imagine, there are always flower-focused posts in the works, and i’d love your suggestions!


floral denim, felt wristlet, “teatime” necklace, and headband photos courtesy of target, amazon, francesca’s and bitty baby bands, respectively

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stylish mom monday: sweeten up with some arm candy
July 22, 2012

silver bangle bracelets loehmann's mission valley San Diego

helloooo friends!

apologies for the week off, but i’m back with another roundup of quick and easy style tricks for moms on-the-go!

this week was inspired by an unexpected loehmann’s find (and subsequent revelation). while out enjoying a surprise kid-free night to leisurely browse, i stumbled upon’s.greatest.silver.bangles. they are — truly.

i never thought of myself as a bangle-wearer, per se, but oh — how things have changed. it’s like when i found out there was french blood in my past…suddenly so many things made sense (those of you who know me are laughing and probably rolling your eyes). or when cher horowitz realizes “i love josh!” at the wilshire electric fountain in clueless. deep down i was meant to sport a daily bangle. and it feels so good. how i ever lived without the heavenly jingle-jangle, i don’t know.

so, with my newfound love for five thin rings of bling, i present you with six different ways to dress those wrists up. let’s face it — when getting out the door with everyone at least partially bathed and clothed is a victory in itself — speed is the name of the game. throwing on some key pieces can step up any look, and in just mere seconds.

silver bangles with guess silver watch

add to the bling with a dramatic timepiece! aforementioned bangles with guess watch.

silver bangles with gray rok rubber candy watch

swap out the classic watch for a quirky rubber version! love this rok candy steal in gray (from the staples cashwrap, no less!) that i snagged while finalizing my 2011 holiday gift guide.

forever 21 stacked bracelets

switching gears a bit, pair together two floral cuffs in different finishes for a dose of romantic. for more on this look, click here.

ladylike made easy is yours with these next few suggestions. from mixing black and white to repurposing a multi-strand of chunky pearls, to creating a totally unique cuff from an elastic headwrap and fancy bobbypin — each option allows you to add your own personalized touches. and in less than five minutes!

what are your “out-the-door” style secrets?

tarina Tarantino black rose bracelet and chunky bone enamel bracelet from forever 21

pearl strand forever 21 made into bracelet with chunky bone enamel bracelet

elastic headband with flower bobbypin

elastic headband with flower bobbypin

elastic headband with flower bobbypin with tarina Tarantino black rose bracelet

silver bangles, loehmann’s
silver guess watch, macy’s
rok candy watch, staples
floral cuffs, pearl strand, chunky bone resin bracelet, and floral bobbypin, forever 21
black rosette bracelet, tarina tarantino (my own from a gazillion years ago!)
black elastic headband, coverings, downtown slo

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stylish mom monday: sally hansen salon effects strips tutorial
July 1, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

drum roll, please…the new elle webb style “stylish mom monday” series is here!

i’m really excited for this weekly tribute to all the moms out there, working tirelessly to care for and raise beautiful children. if anyone deserves to be chic, it’s you, and my hope is to offer some helpful tips, tricks and easy looks that can be pulled off in the middle of sleepily dressing wiggly little ones and packing them up for the day.

for the debut issue, i wanted to share a totally fabulous way to get glam in less than 20 minutes — and with no mess! let me explain: having been very tempted by an in-store display (did you know 76% of shoppers now make their purchase decisions while in the store?), then totally inspired by my fashionable friend’s successful trial — i had to give the new sally hansen salon effects polish strips a go.

i narrowed my pattern choices down to a couple, ultimately deciding on number 207 “raise a glass.” and raise a glass i will to what-i’m-now-coining “the smart mom’s manicure.”

why deal with all the near-spills and following hour of trying not to damage wet nails, when you can basically press and trim?

i’ve included some quick shots below of the surprisingly easy application process, all taken in under 20 minutes. i am loving the result so far! now to see if they do, in fact, hold up for 10 days (my friend’s did!).

kudos to sally hansen for offering a dash of style and time-savings to moms everywhere!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips packaging contents

perusing through the package contents.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips cuticle

giving my cuticles a good push-back.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips emery board

filing tips with one side, buffing nails with the other.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips measuring

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips application

selecting the right size and slightly stretching to apply, then bending to remove excess.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips final

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips natural light

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips natural light tree

et voila! what do you think? threw in a couple randoms to show the glittering gold hue in natural light.

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