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door darling: the cutest custom wreath you’ll ever make — for less than $25!
June 2, 2014

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

hello friends!

i hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend!

as evidenced by my recent posts and instagrams, i have become a little crazy about seasonal DIYing.  so when the weather took a turn for the warmer (and i realized my door had been “naked” since Christmas!) — i knew the time had come for a playful, “summer’s almost here” dose of door darling.

my mom was in town — which always helps send my creative tendencies into full swing — and we headed to every crafter’s promised land, the glorious treasure trove that is michaels.  i had in my mind a very simple and affordable concept, punched up with some whimsy, and i’m so happy with the piece that resulted!  it’s a super fun way to fling my baylor green and gold, and for less than $25!

what you’ll need:

summer wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

– scotch tape
a floral wreath form (i chose the 14″ green version)
your choice of wired grosgrain ribbon (you’ll need two rolls to cover a 14″ form)
note: i serendipitously stumbled upon my polka dot find, so i encourage you to take the time to roam the ribbon aisle and see what strikes your fancy!
– three (or more, up to you) felt flower clips
these little babies were peeking out of a bin at the end of the silk greenery aisle, and i have a feeling they’re going to end up on my clothes, scarves, office meeting agendas, etc.  they’re so fabulous!

step 1:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

open the first roll of ribbon and attach a piece of scotch tape to the end.  press it firmly to the inside of the wreath form (anywhere on the form is ok).  if you’d like it to be a bit more secure, feel free to add more tape or use a straight pin.

step 2:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

after making the initial attachment, start to wrap the ribbon around the wreath form, covering the tape if you’d like.  i left about a 1/2″ or so between borders, but you are welcome to make them closer or further (note: if you make them closer, you’ll probably need another roll of ribbon).

step 3:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

continue wrapping the ribbon all the way around the form. sometimes it helps to take the actual roll and do a few “pre-loops” that you can tighten as you go.  when you get to the end of the first roll, simply tape the end down and repeat steps 1-3 with second roll.

step 4:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

admire your fully wrapped wreath form!  go you!

step 5:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor


summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

take your first felt flower clip.  press it to open clamps and slide the bottom clamp under one of the ribbon borders, depending on where you’d like flowers to be placed.  tweak placement and angle to your liking.

repeat with other clips.  i chose three, but it’s up to you!

step 6:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

pat yourself on the (creative) back for designing a totally awesome, totally “you” custom wreath!

step 7:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

proudly hang your new creation on the front door — or wherever you’d like it to show it off!


channeling monet: black at the beach
September 22, 2012



i started to title this post “farewell, summer,” but as i sit and sweat in our still-80-degree weather — it just didn’t seem honest. (can you tell i’m just the tiniest bit bitter about a chilly fall not having rescued us yet?)

i’ve always been intrigued by images of 19th-century women at the beach in long dresses. i think it triggers the pocket of my soul that is so totally victorian. afternoon tea? yes. floral everything? double yes. lace? please. a lace-covered life? heart palpitations.

the contrast between their elaborate robes and flowered hats, and the simplicity of the sand and rolling waves — is striking and feels so delightfully foreign.

i imagine them strolling with a female friend, and what topics their conversations are composed of. is their dialogue as stiff as the painters and photographers made them look, or are they secretly hiding exchanges of *scandalous* behavior and not-so-proper activities? “josephine, you will never believe that i awoke at 11 in the evening and pilfered a butterscotch from the pantry! charles would be mortified!” those twirling parasols could have hidden many a smile and devilish laugh.

i must have been feeling this victorian vibe during a recent trip to gorgeous laguna beach. one, I didn’t expect it to
be so warm (i.e., we’d be doing more shopping than beaching), and two, i’ve never been totally jazzed about donning the dreaded maillot. once we arrived, though, it was clear we had to venture out to dip our feet in.

laguna is a favorite for me (along with most of america). just so gorgeous.

i will say — those victorian ladies are smarter than we give them credit for. while i might have looked a bit out of place among the teeny weenie bikinis, my minimal skin exposure sure made me a lot more comfortable!

i think they knew that ruffles and lace could cover a multitude of sins.

a big thanks to my mom and dad for snapping these shots!


yellow fedora black maxi black dress at beach

fedora, forever 21
sunnies, urban outfitters
top, loehmanns
maxi skirt, banana republic (over a decade ago!)

photo courtesy of

monet’s “the beach at trouville” courtesy of

weekend colors: navy stripes meet lemon and orange
September 9, 2012

happy sunday evening! hope everyone enjoyed a great weekend.

thought i’d share my look today — colorful and casual. as somewhat of a final attempt to keep summer here, i doubled up on the citrus hues. the j.crew striped top that is slowly becoming my uniform, it seems, plays the neutral for lemon yellow shorts and orange cutout wedges.

and accessory of choice goes to my new coach tote (steal of the century at the viejas outlet!). it’s the perfect size, and i adore the metallic-flecked canvas. durable goes glam!

a huge thanks to my friend and neighbor christian for stepping in as photog today!

j. crew striped top old navy yellow shorts coach canvas tote

Cynthia Rowley sunglasses marshall's the icing rose earrings



striped boatneck top, j.crew
yellow shorts, old navy (now on sale!)
orange cutout wedges, target (now on sale!)
sunglasses, cynthia rowley at marshalls
canvas tote, coach
earrings, the icing
monogram necklace, zales

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stylish mom monday: try a tunic dress for some casual chic
July 9, 2012

blonde topknot teal sunglasses yellow flower studs

so…it’s that time again — for stylish mom monday!

this week i thought i’d offer an outfit tip of my own. while i’d love to always be perfectly pulled together (cue sarcastic cackle), for me it really does come down to comfort. if i’m not comfortable, i just get cranky — and that’s not attractive on anyone.

originally planned for the fourth, i opted for a sunny sunday morning to try this look. starting with a navy striped tunic dress, i added a cropped jean and braided belt, topping it all off with bright yellow flower studs and wedges for some pop. and i finally attempted a topknot!! oh yes, it’s the little things.

what are your favorite ways to mix comfy and cute?

yellow flower studs and topknot

looking up yellow flower studs

navy striped tunic with braided belt

navy striped tunic shoulder sleeve with monogram necklace

navy striped tunic with cropped jean and yellow cork wedges

navy striped tunic dress, mission valley marshalls
cropped jean, mission valley ny&co
braided belt, jc penney (old)
yellow flower studs, icing by claire’s
yellow wedges, audrey brooke at dsw (old)
teal sunnies, express

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