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savvy shamrocks: dressing your dining table for saint patty’s
March 17, 2014

hello friends…and happy saint patrick’s day!

i love today. it’s a holiday the whole world celebrates, that’s just plain fun and makes people happy. it helps that my mom got really into it growing up — making sure we always had at least something green on for school — and also that i married into irishness. a lot of irishness.

so, it only makes sense that — given my newfound obsession with my local 99-cent-only store — that i’d need to create a table centerpiece.  cyrillynn from any 2nd now, a fellow san diego style blogger, recently encouraged me to post a diy on another little something i’d put together (which i still need to do) — but i’m taking her advice now and sharing how to fancy up your own table with some glittery green and gold.

still working on that guinness beef stew? no worries — with just a bit of glassware, inexpensive seasonal decor and fresh flowers, you can whip this up in a mere 15 minutes!


what you’ll need:
– a trifle bowl
– a smaller container to fit inside trifle bowl (i used the dip compartment from a chips-and-dip set)
– a modern vase
– a cake stand
– white everyday plate*
– gold decorative charger*
– bunch of carnations
– bunch of baby’s breath
– decorative glitter picks (i love these shamrock and hat ones!)*
– green or white glitter garlands*
– glitter adhesive letters
– other ireland-inspired tchotchkes

* found while gleefully losing myself in the aisles at 99-cent-only


step 1: arrange the main structure / glassware arrangement.  place the everyday plate on the gold charger, then the modern vase on top of the plate.  set the trifle bowl atop the cake plate.


step 2: strip leaves from carnation stems and arrange bunch in line in modern vase.


step 3: bunch baby’s breath into smaller container, that can fit inside trifle bowl while still leaving a perimeter for garland.  place garland around this smaller container and flush with its top, so baby’s breath sticks out just slightly above garland.


step 4: create desired saying with glitter letters, and arrange/drape glitter garland around both pieces.


step 5: add decorative glitter picks to one or both flower bunches.  sprinkle glitter on plate and top of cake plate, if desired.  arrange other tchotchkes.


step 6: *pat* yourself on the back, you crafty leprechaun!  and enjoy that stew!


weekend in snaps: pretty plants, punches of color and precious little people
March 3, 2014

a little glimpse into my life, by way of snaps from the last couple of weekends.  enjoy!

beautiful yellow daffodil close-up picture

gorgeous daffodils.

beautiful white blooms on tree branches close-up picture

a tree in beautiful bloom.

yellow francesca's coat and i heart shimmer blue necklace

my oh-so-pensive look.  coat from francesca’s, cobalt blue necklace from shimmer.

san diego zoo flamingoes

i love that you call this a “flamboyance of flamingoes.”  a sun-filled trip to the san diego zoo.


sweet little hands.


big brown eyes.

late afternoon illuminating leaves photo

late-afternoon light.

target plaid shirt old navy quilted vest

weekend casual.  plaid shirt and skinnies from target, quilted vest from old navy.

turn up the volume: a february “feel good” playlist
February 1, 2014

happy february, everyone!  every year i cannot wait to enter the month of saint valentine — so excited it’s here!

in honor of the most romantic month of the year, i popped together a little lineup of songs that make me really happy (because, after all, doesn’t romance make us all happy?).  it also helps that a recent new car purchase has introduced me to the world of sirius (i know, i know — the last person on earth), and more specifically — to the world of “alt nation” on channel 36.  it is a treasure trove of fantastic up-and-comers (and don’t we all enjoy being first to know?).

here goes…

this one is so, so perfect for starting a new day.  inspirational with a great beat.  (note: i had the official video originally linked — then realized it was, ironically, a bit too dark to keep with the theme!)

pure pop indulgence.  and you can’t beat the swoon-worthy accent (even if the video is a wee scandalous).

don’t you feel cooler already?  and more upbeat?

more pop indulgence.  i can’t help myself (or stop from smiling!)

go on.  strut it — even if you’re driving.  it still counts.

so sweet.  he wrote it about his wife.

and to round out our list, an oldie-but-goodie.  one of my all-times.

what’s on your own “let’s get happy” playlist?  i’d love to hear!

stylish mom monday: trying the black-and-gold trend
November 4, 2013

i have been seeing so many fellow bloggers just killing the black-and-gold action that’s all the rage, so i decided to give it my own spin at a recent sunset wedding in los angeles.

starting with my trusty gal sophia, i layered gold jewelry with pops of red on the top and bottom — read: lips and heels –for some added fun.  i felt deliciously “80s glam,” flashing back to raiding my mom’s jewelry box and makeup drawer as a curious eight-year-old.

can’t wait to do a bit more downtown-y take on this look.  i’m thinking faux leather and spikes!

black jersey wrap dress with gold accessories, waterside wedding


gold watch and earrings, red sally hansel nail polish, flower beauty lip color


black jersey wrap dress and gold watch: merona, target
white and gold bubble necklace: spice market, waco, tx
gold and crystal earrings and bracelet: c. wonder
nail polish: sally hansen insta-dri in rapid red, target
lip color: flower beauty (“get to the point-settia”) by drew barrymore, wal-mart

stylish mom monday: channel your inner art director
December 12, 2012

ok, ok — it’s not technically monday. but i’m taking creative license with the date — hence, the theme of this post.

there’s a part of me that secretly dreams about concepting brilliant layouts, being a total typography expert, and mastering the most effective use of white space.  (that’s what a decade of secretly-envying-the-designer-whose-shoulder-you’re-peeking-over will do to you!)

enter my art director alter-ego.

but — until i take a huge gamble and head to design school — i’ll have to just play (er, dress) the part.  and what better time to look super artsy, than when making one’s inaugural trip to the new arclight at utc?  we celebrated my sweetie by heading up to la jolla to catch the new bond, and boy, were we spoiled.  specially selected (and super-comfy!) seats and pre-flick apps at the cafe?  might have to be a while before we hit up our local amc again.

and since these posts are dedicated to crazed moms still trying to look cute, let’s talk about the pros of this look.  black, black and more black — need i say more?  i welcome the slimming, plus you can add your own personalized touches through accessories, shoes, etc.  (i took the opportunity to try the trendy oversize glasses i’m seeing everywhere — did i pull them off?)

lightbx wall at arclight, utc in la jolla

amazing lightbox wall of james bond movie posters.

caprese salad at arclight, utc in la jolla

big points for presentation.

monotone look black turtleneck and pants with loafers

giving the look a spin.

urban outfitters glasses

new specs.

what i wore:
black turtleneck, target
black editor pants, express (my workplace staple!)
camel loafers, bcbg (true oldies-but-goodies!)
tortoise specs, urban outfitters
lips, nars “heatwave”


bubbles and baubles: second san diego style bloggers meet-up
December 7, 2012

ask anyone in a creative profession where they find their inspiration, and you’ll almost always hear an answer about others in their field.  and for me, this is exactly what makes being involved with the san diego style bloggers group — an amazing network of oh-so-talented fashion and lifestyle bloggers — so wonderful.

i couldn’t wait for our second meet-up (read more on the first get-together here), not only to meet some new faces and catch up with those i had already met (or had a cyber-relationship with!  ha!) — but also to finally check out bubbles boutique!  having seen it on many a drive up fifth ave, i had no idea the treat i was in for!

it made the perfect setting for our event — with sparkles, sparkles and more sparkles!  seriously, everywhere you looked something glam or glittery was calling your name.  i’m already planning my return trip to buy them out of several accessories that made my mental gift list!
with some of the lovely sd style blogger gals: keeks, paulina, me, erika, tuyaymya 

the glam factor was out of control.  it’s ok if you’re drooling. at bubbles boutique
don’t you just want to be here?

i was also looking forward to finding out more about our other sponsor for the evening, a local start-up called vava vida.  vava vida is a socially conscious online retailer, sourcing goods from all over the world that fit in one or more of four categories: fair trade, eco-friendly, certified organic or made in the usa.  as they put it, their vision is to “imagine a world where everyone is empowered and able to provide for their family and community; a healthy planet of peace and prosperity for generations to come.”  i can certainly buy into that!

vava vida kashmir bangles — find them here.

and i did.  within seconds of entering bubbles and being warmly greeted by ashley from vava vida, their turquoise murano bracelet — crafted by local artisans in indonesia — caught my eye (and kept it!).  i left that evening with this gorgeous new find.  hint: it goes so fab with leopard!  i also enjoyed parlaying un peu de français with antoine, the vava vida president.

vava vida turquoise murano bracelet
must have it? click here.

keep your eyes peeled for the second-annual elle webb style holiday gift guide, as you might find more vava vida goodness there!

i also had the chance to meet suki of suki bijoux, and made my way home with one of her super-fun creations.  more on her in a following “designer spotlight” post!

thank you again to paulina and rachel for organizing such a fabulous evening.  and a special shout-out to jen malcriada, my fellow floral pant-lover who’s even more kick-a in person than in her sassy posts (and who i just saw was named to a “top bloggers over 40” list — you go, girl!). 

happy holidays to all!

elle webb

p.s. what i wore:
mustard coat – francesca’s
(amazingly soft) striped knit dress — old navy (still in stores although not online — similar here)
bubble necklace — spice village, waco, tx
purse — my score-of-the-century at the coach outlet, viejas
lip color — nars “heatwave” (obsessed)

event photos courtesy of (thank you!)
vava vida jewelry photos created with instagram

a very getty afternoon
June 18, 2012

Getty Museum steps

there’s something very movie scene-like about museumgoing. at least i felt this way in spending a father’s day afternoon at the getty in la.

not only did i meet my cool quotient for the week, but my soul always feels a bit more full when having gazed at original monets and renoirs. i had also been dying to see the herb ritts exhibition for some time, and it did not disappoint.

i am truly fascinated by art and the creative process. the fact that someone can be so uniquely inspired to breathe life into a form never seen before, is truly amazing to me. not to mention the God-given skill bestowed upon the artist. if i could rewind, all those business classes would go out the window — with photography and graphic design happily taking their place. sigh…one day.

Herb Ritts exhibition at Getty Museum

Attention Kmart fashion maxi dress black and white

black and white maxi dress, attention line at kmart (yes, you read that right!)
black cardigan with jeweled buttons, express
sunglasses, urban outfitters
crossbody bag, mossimo at target

all photos created with instagram app for iPhone (“amaro” filter)

it’s all about me: personalized picks
June 16, 2012

i really am kidding about this title — but not about these one-of-kind pieces!

all credit goes to the fabulous blair eadie for my recent obsession with monogrammed accessories. i started to notice her gold “BEE” necklace showing up in more and more posts, and an inspiration was born.

Zale's silver monogrammed necklace

i put a little bug in my husband’s ear just before mother’s day (read: sent him a link with exact instructions) to check out this stunner from zale’s. counting down the days until it arrived (it does take a few weeks to be made), i leapt with excitement when he very sweetly presented me with the box. and it even comes with some bitty bling on the pendant. lately i’ve been pairing it with a shorter gray beaded necklace just to give the look some depth.

Monogrammed gray hat

so, in continuing with my selfish style hunt, i attempted a little dyi. picking up this super cute gray conductor hat from target, i took it to one of san diego’s best-kept secrets — t-shirt mart on sports arena. i wish i knew the name of the guy that always helps me…let’s call him “miracle worker.” i gave him a brief description of what i was going for, showed him my necklace, and — voila! — this custom creation was a reality. i now have all kinds of embroidered visions dancing in my head. trust me, you have no idea. i’m pretty sure counseling will be required.

1800 flowers personalized new baby vase

i have to thank my brother for having the most darling new baby, and therefore allowing me to include this next unique find. the floral lover in me immediately thought to send flowers to the happy new family, but lo and behold, what joy did i feel when spotting a personalized vase option on the 1-800 flowers site! an adorable pic of baby boy from my mom, plus a bouquet of gerber daisies so perfect for summer, equalled a huge smile for me. and the new mommy and daddy were thrilled!

Plum Street Prints chevron cases

i thought it only fitting to round out this post with a nod to everyone’s constant accessory — the trusty iPhone. someone should really create a comic series about a crime-fighting superhero and his cellular sidekick. and again, i have to thank blair for the finding of plum street prints. can you even believe these amazing cases? pretty sure all my rings will get jealous over the “new hand candy in town.” i can’t wait to place an order…and write my own stylish comic.

what do you personalize? i’d love to see and hear about it!

elle webb

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rulebreaker: my attempt at pairing navy and black
June 13, 2012

so, we all know the cardinal rules of fashion that (are supposed to) withstand the changing trends of every decade.  no white after labor day, no mixing prints — and don’t even think about wearing navy or brown with black.

i’m so glad most of this old-time guidance has been poo-poo’ed in the modern style era, although i still tread lightly when it comes to boldly bending these rules.  but i suppose we all must jump in at some point — here’s a first for me!

i found this delightfully ruffled-collar top at marshalls a few years back, and have always just worn it on its own.  well, figuring black and white stripes are classic in every situation, i decided to introduce these two pieces to each other, adding a drop-waisted black skirt, opaque tights and the floral wedges that set this whole blog in motion.

Black and white striped cardigan with navy ruffled top
the full look.

Look with messy bun
view from the side (i was actually quite pleased with the messy bun this morning!).

Navy ruffled top with monogram necklace
<le ruffle>, accented by my new monogram necklace (read: object of obsession).

Opaque tights with floral wedges
if i were a shoe, hands-down i’d claim the identity of these floral wedges.

navy ruffled top, marshalls (i think it’s bellatrix)
black and white striped cardigan, h&m
black drop-waist skirt with satin trim, express
floral wedges, forever 21
gray beaded necklace, jc penney
monogram necklace, zales

photos created with instagram app for iPhone (“valencia” filter)

saturday snaps
June 4, 2012

i find myself continually amazed by the wealth of talent in the fashion blogosphere.  talk about inspiration! 

today’s post is based on two recent photo-only entries i thought were really fun.  check them out by clicking here for “instaweekend” by kate spanish, and here for “a lovely vacation” by vest with an a.  thank you, ladies!

saturday was spent soaking up the loveliness-that-is-coronado with my tiny tot.  such a treat.


obligatory pre-beach stock-up session of original haribo gummy bears (obvi).


gorgeous roses on our seaside stroll.


our newly created friends, miss turtle and mister seahorse.


painted baby toes.  few things make me happier.



and just for good measure, here are a few sunday randoms.  wild turkeys in ramona and a close-up of the new set at flood church.

photos created with instagram app for iPhone