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door darling: the cutest custom wreath you’ll ever make — for less than $25!
June 2, 2014

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

hello friends!

i hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend!

as evidenced by my recent posts and instagrams, i have become a little crazy about seasonal DIYing.  so when the weather took a turn for the warmer (and i realized my door had been “naked” since Christmas!) — i knew the time had come for a playful, “summer’s almost here” dose of door darling.

my mom was in town — which always helps send my creative tendencies into full swing — and we headed to every crafter’s promised land, the glorious treasure trove that is michaels.  i had in my mind a very simple and affordable concept, punched up with some whimsy, and i’m so happy with the piece that resulted!  it’s a super fun way to fling my baylor green and gold, and for less than $25!

what you’ll need:

summer wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

– scotch tape
a floral wreath form (i chose the 14″ green version)
your choice of wired grosgrain ribbon (you’ll need two rolls to cover a 14″ form)
note: i serendipitously stumbled upon my polka dot find, so i encourage you to take the time to roam the ribbon aisle and see what strikes your fancy!
– three (or more, up to you) felt flower clips
these little babies were peeking out of a bin at the end of the silk greenery aisle, and i have a feeling they’re going to end up on my clothes, scarves, office meeting agendas, etc.  they’re so fabulous!

step 1:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

open the first roll of ribbon and attach a piece of scotch tape to the end.  press it firmly to the inside of the wreath form (anywhere on the form is ok).  if you’d like it to be a bit more secure, feel free to add more tape or use a straight pin.

step 2:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

after making the initial attachment, start to wrap the ribbon around the wreath form, covering the tape if you’d like.  i left about a 1/2″ or so between borders, but you are welcome to make them closer or further (note: if you make them closer, you’ll probably need another roll of ribbon).

step 3:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

continue wrapping the ribbon all the way around the form. sometimes it helps to take the actual roll and do a few “pre-loops” that you can tighten as you go.  when you get to the end of the first roll, simply tape the end down and repeat steps 1-3 with second roll.

step 4:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

admire your fully wrapped wreath form!  go you!

step 5:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor


summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

take your first felt flower clip.  press it to open clamps and slide the bottom clamp under one of the ribbon borders, depending on where you’d like flowers to be placed.  tweak placement and angle to your liking.

repeat with other clips.  i chose three, but it’s up to you!

step 6:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

pat yourself on the (creative) back for designing a totally awesome, totally “you” custom wreath!

step 7:

summer door wreath diy michaels green and gold baylor

proudly hang your new creation on the front door — or wherever you’d like it to show it off!


pastel perfection: a spring table style diy
April 25, 2014

hello friends!

who’s excited that spring is upon us?!  as evidenced by the hillside wildflower shows, rosebunch upon rosebunch in beautiful bloom, and the cutest of baby animals making their début at the san diego zoo and safari park — the season of dainty delightfulness is in full swing.

so it’s no surprise i couldn’t wait to dress our kitchen table accordingly.  and thanks to amazing-yet-affordable finds discovered at my local target, michael’s and 99 cents only stores — as well as san diego’s incredible wholesale flowers near usd — this little creative adventure turned out so fun.  bring on the daily tea parties!

here we go!


what you’ll need:
– burlap runner (or full tablecloth, if you prefer), wholesale flowers
– laser-cut felt ribbon, michael’s
– assorted glassware (narrow vase, cake stand, trifle bowl and ), my own
– white everyday plate and silver charger, 99 cents only
– vintage-print  and flower melamine plates, 99 cents only and tuesday morning (thanks, mom!)
– tea cup and saucer, gifted by a sweet friend
– ceramic bird salt shakers, 99 cents only, and woodern bird accent, charlotte’s of salado
– silk hydrangea bunches, wholesale flowers
– pearlized gumballs, target


step 1: lay the burlap runner across the middle of the table (hint: it helps to take an iron — with dishtowels on top of and under the burlap — to smooth out any packaging wrinkles.)  set the larger vintage-print melamine plate on top of the everyday plate and charger, then top with the narrow vase.  next to this setup, place the trifle bowl atop the cake stand, with a smaller glass container inside it.


step 2: place the silk hydrangeas in the narrow vase, then fill around them with pearlized gumballs.


step 3: arrange tea cup and flower melamine plates around cake stand.


step 4: place one of the other vintage-print plates on the cake stand, and arrange bird accents around it.


step 5: add flowers to inner container and finish with color-coordinated ribbon on the outside.


a quick shot of the final arrangement (almost complete!).


step 6: add two strips of laser-cut felt ribbon, splitting the middle of the burlap runner.


step 7: set table with desired placesettings…and enjoy!  i’d love to see your own take on seasonal centerpieces!

savvy shamrocks: dressing your dining table for saint patty’s
March 17, 2014

hello friends…and happy saint patrick’s day!

i love today. it’s a holiday the whole world celebrates, that’s just plain fun and makes people happy. it helps that my mom got really into it growing up — making sure we always had at least something green on for school — and also that i married into irishness. a lot of irishness.

so, it only makes sense that — given my newfound obsession with my local 99-cent-only store — that i’d need to create a table centerpiece.  cyrillynn from any 2nd now, a fellow san diego style blogger, recently encouraged me to post a diy on another little something i’d put together (which i still need to do) — but i’m taking her advice now and sharing how to fancy up your own table with some glittery green and gold.

still working on that guinness beef stew? no worries — with just a bit of glassware, inexpensive seasonal decor and fresh flowers, you can whip this up in a mere 15 minutes!


what you’ll need:
– a trifle bowl
– a smaller container to fit inside trifle bowl (i used the dip compartment from a chips-and-dip set)
– a modern vase
– a cake stand
– white everyday plate*
– gold decorative charger*
– bunch of carnations
– bunch of baby’s breath
– decorative glitter picks (i love these shamrock and hat ones!)*
– green or white glitter garlands*
– glitter adhesive letters
– other ireland-inspired tchotchkes

* found while gleefully losing myself in the aisles at 99-cent-only


step 1: arrange the main structure / glassware arrangement.  place the everyday plate on the gold charger, then the modern vase on top of the plate.  set the trifle bowl atop the cake plate.


step 2: strip leaves from carnation stems and arrange bunch in line in modern vase.


step 3: bunch baby’s breath into smaller container, that can fit inside trifle bowl while still leaving a perimeter for garland.  place garland around this smaller container and flush with its top, so baby’s breath sticks out just slightly above garland.


step 4: create desired saying with glitter letters, and arrange/drape glitter garland around both pieces.


step 5: add decorative glitter picks to one or both flower bunches.  sprinkle glitter on plate and top of cake plate, if desired.  arrange other tchotchkes.


step 6: *pat* yourself on the back, you crafty leprechaun!  and enjoy that stew!

time to trinket: another last-minute gift guide
December 24, 2013

so, here we are again…the 24th of december.  and — while we may say this every year — Christmas really did sneak up on us this time!  i hope you and yours are enjoying a wonderful holiday season.

i started this annual gift guide two years ago, as a way to celebrate how much I loved my mom’s affinity for little trinkets and tchotchkes we found in our stockings growing up.

and this year, i’m taking it to a new level —  with the official 2013 elle webb style “under-$5-but-looks-anything-but” gift guide!  keeping with last year’s timing, this issue is also a bit late (but hey — new year’s gifts are totally acceptable!).

perhaps all the expenses in buying a new home (thank you, Lord!) are still a bit too fresh — or it’s my own little protest against the overcommercialization of this holiday — but gathering fab finds that are kind on the wallet, too, just makes me so giddy!  and i guarantee you, while you would never suspect it — everything on this list is truly $5 and under!

let’s get started!

you can bank on these cuties
i think i may be the last person on this earth to discover the 99 cent store.  i had always been skeptical of my friends’ stories of this veritable wonderland of savings, but now that i’ve seen for myself — oh boy.  unhealthy obsession time.

these unbelievable cute ceramic own coin banks actually started my co-dependence.  i’ve gifted them now a few times, with nothing but the most gleeful response.

black pink cream ceramic owls from 99 cent only store

black pink cream ceramic own coin banks from 99 cent only


i then came across this metallic pig — also a coin bank — and had to scoop it up.  don’t you think it makes a really whimsical place setting (perhaps to wish prosperity in the new year)?

blue metallic pig coin back 99 cent only store


metallic blue pig from 99 cent only store in holiday place setting


mug shot
i love coffee.  and i love mugs even more.

take a looksy at these two delightful ones from target — how can you go wrong with a personalized item, or a gift that comes already wrapped in a bow!

coffee mugs from target with personalized initial and bow


and speaking of personalized finds, i just couldn’t pass up a tea with my own name (also at 99 cents only!).

lindsay gardens tea bags from 99 cents only store


let’s get ladylike
i am a sucker for the daintier things in life, so you can imagine my delight upon spotting this rose soap (99 cents only) and floral print journal (marukai market, san diego).

rose soap from 99 cents only store and floral journal from marukai market, san diego


and what else do ladies love?  jewelry, of course!  check out these gorg beaded rings from — you guessed it — 99 cents only.

silver and gold beaded rings from 99 cents only store


silver beaded ring 99 cents only store


what are your favorite “$5 and under” secrets?  would love to hear them!

happy holidays, everyone.  hold your loved ones tight and may you feel the joy and peace in the Christmas promise this year.



navy upon navy upon navy: monochromatic made comfy
October 16, 2013

i love that part of the development of this little blog of mine, has been pushing my own style limits.

while it probably doesn’t seem daring in the least to most, embracing one color from head to toe used to seem like a fashion risk i just couldn’t pull off.  but with some experimentation over the past two years — as well as a newfound obsession for all things navy — i’ve been sporting variations of the singularly hued look below in making the transition from summer into fall.

the slouchy cardigan keeps me warm (besides serving as the perfect mask for arms-in-need-of-toning!), and along with the forgiving striped tunic, is tops when wanting to stay comfortable.  opaque tights in the same hue help to visually trim my legs, as do the floral patterned platform wedges (read more here on how the pair inspired this blog!).

navy slouchy cardigan and striped tunic, monochromatic navy look

cardigan and gold watch: merona, target
tunic: marshalls
tights: hue, macy’s
floral wedges: forever 21 (similar here)

fall in love with these finds: a last-minute valentine’s gift guide
February 11, 2013

hello friends!

yes, it’s been a little while — but never a better time to resurface than just before the most romantic day of the year!

pardon the pun, but i love valentine’s day. there’s just something so lovely (i did it again!) about a day when the world gets rosier and it’s totally ok to be full-on cheesy. when stark office lobbies are overtaken with gorgeous bouquets and heart-shaped candy boxes, and red and pink reign supreme in every outfit.

so you can imagine how giddy the little holiday treasure hunt i’ve been on has made me. take a peek at the spoils!

accessories to adore from francesca’s

francesca's accessories valentine's day

how darling is this valentine’s display? i made a recent stop at this hometown favorite of mine, knowing i’d find the perfect pieces to sport on our special night out.

i picked up these blush studs and another-little-statement-something to be revealed in a future post.

(earring photo courtesy of


just the right word: vintage dictionary page rings from suki bikoux

suki bijoux vintage dictionary page ring

i was introduced to this encinitas-based designer (and veritable queen of up-cycling!) at the december san diego style bloggers meet-up, and was immediately drawn to these unique creations. while i went home with the “faith” version, how fitting is the “love” one? i am so not doing her work justice by just showing this one example, so make sure to “like” her facebook page for the full collection!

(photo courtesy of

wear your heart on your sleeve — or wrist: brighton sweetness

Brighton bonbon hearts wallet

i definitely need to be spending more time in a brighton store. how totally sweet is this bonbon hearts wallet (which has a matching iPad case, key fob and cosmetics case, mind you)?? the cheerful print just makes me want to bake some cupcakes and paint my lips a bright pink!

(photo courtesy of

speaking of pink lips, give nars’ “carthage” a try! such a fun touch for day or night.

Nars Carthage pure matte lipstick

(photo courtesy of

and don’t forget the littlest valentines: cute-as-cupid headbands from bitty baby bands

bitty baby bands headbands valentine's day

i can’t remember when i exactly first stumbled upon this carlsbad-based accessories brand — but boy, am i glad i did!! my pal kristina has built such an amazing (and affordable!) line of hair candy for both young ones and their mommies. it’s like Christmas everytime i receive a bbb package, knowing a fully handmade gift awaits me or my little lady.

i’m currently crushing on this valentine’s day piece —

(photo courtesy of