sassy stockings: a last-minute gift guide

so, if you’re anything like me, it’s like four days before christmas — and while you had all the best intentions to really plan out super-fun gifts…you didn’t.

elle webb style to the rescue! after all the fun finds i uncovered last year, i have been so excited to present the second-annual official elle webb style holiday gift guide. this year, it just has *much* more of an abbreviated, last-minute focus (busy toddler plus four-months-pregnant will do that to you!).

when putting together the list last year, i shared a bit about my inspiration behind, if you will, “curating” the best in trinkety goodness. and that spirit continues this year, with a roundup of special little somethings that caught my eye.

hit me with your best shot

disposable funny cameras at urban outfitters

while hunting for kitschy extras for a recent party, i came across these delights at urban outfitters. remember those cheesy cameras people used to place on their wedding reception tables, that featured pre-printed designs of wedding bells and champagne flutes? enter the modern, more hilarious versions.

i opted for the “unicorns & rainbows” and “yolo-and-other-crazy-phrases” models. i’m dying to see the “after” shots, plus doesn’t taking film to be developed feel so gleefully “old school”?

look good (and feel even better about it!)

vava vida teal dahlia travel bag

some people love shoes. i also am a major shoe-fan, but my real passion is bags. it doesn’t even matter what type. trendy handbags, monogrammed canvas totes, or a myriad of can-this-really-be-this-cute recyclable shopping bags — i’ll take them all. may be time for a support group.

so you can imagine what stood out when browsing the site of new san diego startup vava vida (read more on them here). in spite of my addiction, i can feel good about purchasing the amazing teal dahlia travel bag. made by members of a women’s co-op near new delhi, sporting this arm candy actually helps a fellow female provide for her family. now that’s empowering!

velvety smooth

velvet manicure ciaté

my sweet friend kelly just gifted me with a fabulous velvet manicure kit by ciaté. while i haven’t had a spare second to give it a spin, the minute i saw the box — i was hooked. so perfect for the holidays, and even the busiest mom can warmly welcome a nail-sized dose of glam!

call me, maybe

target mossimo glittery iPhone holder case

yes, i know. now it will be in your head for the rest of the day. but doesn’t humming this little tune secretly make you a bit more cheerful?

so will this glittery wristlet / cell phone holder from target. the finishing touch of sparkle for that christmas eve cocktail party or starbucks run before holiday light-seeing.

and while you’re at target, make sure to pick up the elf eye palette.’ll.ever.spend. who needs more of a description than that?

happy holidays! may they be merry and bright.

(all photos courtesy of linked retailer websites)


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