stylish mom monday: sweeten up with some arm candy

silver bangle bracelets loehmann's mission valley San Diego

helloooo friends!

apologies for the week off, but i’m back with another roundup of quick and easy style tricks for moms on-the-go!

this week was inspired by an unexpected loehmann’s find (and subsequent revelation). while out enjoying a surprise kid-free night to leisurely browse, i stumbled upon’s.greatest.silver.bangles. they are — truly.

i never thought of myself as a bangle-wearer, per se, but oh — how things have changed. it’s like when i found out there was french blood in my past…suddenly so many things made sense (those of you who know me are laughing and probably rolling your eyes). or when cher horowitz realizes “i love josh!” at the wilshire electric fountain in clueless. deep down i was meant to sport a daily bangle. and it feels so good. how i ever lived without the heavenly jingle-jangle, i don’t know.

so, with my newfound love for five thin rings of bling, i present you with six different ways to dress those wrists up. let’s face it — when getting out the door with everyone at least partially bathed and clothed is a victory in itself — speed is the name of the game. throwing on some key pieces can step up any look, and in just mere seconds.

silver bangles with guess silver watch

add to the bling with a dramatic timepiece! aforementioned bangles with guess watch.

silver bangles with gray rok rubber candy watch

swap out the classic watch for a quirky rubber version! love this rok candy steal in gray (from the staples cashwrap, no less!) that i snagged while finalizing my 2011 holiday gift guide.

forever 21 stacked bracelets

switching gears a bit, pair together two floral cuffs in different finishes for a dose of romantic. for more on this look, click here.

ladylike made easy is yours with these next few suggestions. from mixing black and white to repurposing a multi-strand of chunky pearls, to creating a totally unique cuff from an elastic headwrap and fancy bobbypin — each option allows you to add your own personalized touches. and in less than five minutes!

what are your “out-the-door” style secrets?

tarina Tarantino black rose bracelet and chunky bone enamel bracelet from forever 21

pearl strand forever 21 made into bracelet with chunky bone enamel bracelet

elastic headband with flower bobbypin

elastic headband with flower bobbypin

elastic headband with flower bobbypin with tarina Tarantino black rose bracelet

silver bangles, loehmann’s
silver guess watch, macy’s
rok candy watch, staples
floral cuffs, pearl strand, chunky bone resin bracelet, and floral bobbypin, forever 21
black rosette bracelet, tarina tarantino (my own from a gazillion years ago!)
black elastic headband, coverings, downtown slo

all photos created with instagram (“earlybird” filter) and picfx (“light” filter) apps for iPhone


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